Timehop: 70 years ago

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Listing 1946 jpeg

This is one of the first listings taken by Mr. John A. Horning in 1946. It was listed for just $23,250! Today that same house has an estimated tax value of over $281,000! That’s a 1,121% increase in almost 70 years!

Below see an example of a listing contract from today. Not quite as simple as the one from 70 years ago. Today’s contract is 280 lines and 5 pages. Quite the difference!

Listing Contract Now

While a lot has changed in 70 years, the only thing that hasn’t changed is Shorewest’s passion for helping buyers and sellers with their home needs. Our agents are hardworking and dedicated to making your home buying or selling experience the best possible. Contact a Shorewest agent today to get the full Shorewest experience. We treat each customer like family because that’s what we are! #tbt #Shorewest #ShorewestFamily

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